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(I definitely just now realized that it has been over two months since I posted. Sorry folks.)

You know what’s crazy? This is the last week of classes for UNCC students. That means that after exams next week, the first half of my internship is over. This semester has passed by so quickly.

This Thursday evening is our last event of the semester, the Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. It’s going to be ridiculously fun. People have been searching all over Goodwill and relatives’ closets for ugly Christmas sweaters and making them even better by attaching tacky decorations. And we’re having a contest for the best ugly sweater at the party. Add to that snowflake-making, hot chocolate, a white elephant gift exchange, Christmas cookies, and a movie… don’t you want to come? =)

Next week during exams we’re getting together as an intern team to plan for next semester and for Rekindle (our spring break trip!). I’m looking forward to it; we always have a ton of fun at our planning meetings. Which leads me to the bittersweet part about it… these will be our last planning meetings with Joe Lechner (our fearless leader). He is handing over leadership of Mission 28 to Jon Shea in January so that he can move on to other responsibilities at CrossWay. Jon is going to do a great job, but I will miss Joe’s fun-loving personality, randomness, passion for God, and experience.

This is all I have time to write now, but over the Christmas break I plan to give you an update on how I’ve been doing with reaching out to people on campus.



I know you’re thinking it. You’re right, because it’s been over a month since you’ve heard from us!

We collected about 950 contacts from our survey booths. Many of those contacts wanted more information about Mission 28, and some have already met up with us and become our friends.
It was a full house at our first Big Meeting on September 2… almost 150 people came! We gave away our iPad after a drawing and a competition involving keys, fish hooks, and chopsticks. (Curious? Take a look here.)

So the rush of the first few weeks is over. My days aren’t as crazy as they used to be since I’m settling into a schedule. But it’s still challenging to stay on top of things! There have been mornings when I look at my planner and realize that I have a nearly empty day ahead of me. That usually leads to a scramble to get together with someone and a realization that I need to be more proactive in getting together with people….
But I LOVE interning. I like meeting new people. I like the schedule – like a student’s but without the homework! I like becoming better friends with the girls I already know and with the girls I’m meeting. And I’m excited that I am helping to reach students with the gospel.

Let me just say that the start of the semester is coming quickly. Very quickly. School starts next week! I am so ready for everything to start up. Previous interns have told me that August is the busiest month of the year, and I believe it. We’ve been busy scheduling, buying stuff, and checking off to-do lists.
Cait in particular has a lot on her plate. She needs to make sure that fliers get designed and ordered, signs get painted, sidewalks get chalked, and the website gets updated. In the middle of that, she’s moving!
I’ve been figuring out snacks for meetings and shopping around for the best deals. And I’ve realized that time management is going to be crucial for this job….so I’ve been trying to get a schedule together. And a budget. Sigh.
And Rannon? Well, he just got back from Caswell and has not contributed anything to the intern team so far. As Joe (our leader) said, he doesn’t have his priorities straight. Just kidding…. we love him and he’s going to be great. When he starts working. *cough cough*

On Monday morning we’ll be heading out to campus and starting survey booths at 9 am. We use the survey booths to meet students during the first week of classes. We want to talk to people (especially freshmen!) right away and let them know about Mission 28. So a group of us – the interns and others in M28 – will be at a specific location on campus for several hours each day asking passing students to fill out a short survey. Basically we want to get their contact information and find out if they are interested in Big Meetings or ODs. The motivation to fill one out (besides our smiling faces?) is that everyone who fills out a survey has a chance to win an iPad. That’s right, an iPad. We’ll raffle it off at our first Big Meeting on September 2. The only way to win it is to be there, so we’re hoping that a lot of people will show up at the meeting that night.

Then that Friday night we’re having a Hootenanny! We’ll be on the front field at UNCC cooking hot dogs and playing basketball on a giant slip-n-slide. We’ve done this for the past two years, and it’s been a great opportunity to meet even more students and hang out with the ones we’ve met at survey booths. Plus it’s a ton of fun.

So that’s what’s coming up soon! Please continue to pray for us and for the first week! Pray that God would open students’ hearts to talk with us and to hear the gospel.