Hey hey! I’m Cait; Cait Butt. You can laugh. I know I do! (Actually, I’m pretty sure we made up all the jokes you could think of concerning my last name.) Happy to have you!

I’m located in Charlotte, NC and have lived in this wonderful state for all of my days. I love everything about it: the unpredictable weather, the southern hospitality, the lush greenery,  the majestic mountains, the thunderous storms, the large porches, cooking with cast iron skillets, the old trees, the sweet tea, the beautiful colleges, the swampy coast. Everything. I simply love to travel, but will always return home, to North Carolina.

january, 2010

I love Jesus, more than life.

I love my family, more than myself.

I love rain, more than words.

I love art, more than just photos.

I love coffee, more than the caffeine.

I love being creative, more than doing nothing.

I love sushi, more than Mexican food.

Anthropologie inspires me. Sunlight thrills me. Poison ivy hates me (it’s mutual). Sneezing makes me laugh. Laughing makes me cry.

Oh, and I’m a photographer. Check out my photography blog here: www.caitelizabeth.wordpress.com. Let me know what you think!